Bernd Schulze

As qualified Instructor JB Schulze( far right ) has inherited the family trait, his grand father won his Golden Needle, his father a renowned International Equine Judge after becoming the north german showjumper champion one of the very few to jump in 1952 over 2 meters.


JB Schulze advanced from the grassroots of equine training up to his present level as class A Instructor qualifying him as an instructor recognised by the highest equestrian authority in Germany (FN).


Approved by The German Equestrian Federation (Fédération Equestre Nationale FN) is the Federation for Equestrian Schools and horse breeding in Germany. With more than 765,000 members in nearly 7,500 affiliated Clubs.


It also provides membership for over 3,200 horse related businesses. To be affiliated with the FN sets the seal of approval on your business, with controls on all aspects of excellence in teaching, handling and condition of our horses and all round efficiency of the centre. Safety regulations are constantly scrutinised for person and horse.


The Staff are all qualifies instructors. JB teaches internationally, so language isn’t a problem, and he puts enormous emphasis on learning progressively to encourage horse and rider to become “one” without fear and pressure.

Trust is enormously important as well as balance, breathing and movement of the body.